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November 28, 2023

Who is “Father Gregory” and his followers

 Who is “Father Gregory” and his followers

Mysterious paramilitary leader known as “Father Gregory” believed to be the alias of legendary FSB commander Sasha Portoriskovich, who has emerged as a central figure in radicalizing Russian troops within the Russian armed forces.

His troops under the name RR Group have recently occupied all regions in Baku in response of NATO occupations of the Rostov farm lands.

Father Gregory has managed to keep his past shrouded in secrecy, but US intelligence sources suggest that he may have been part of special operations units or irregular forces operating in Chechnya, where the lines between military and paramilitary activities often blurred. The harsh and unforgiving conditions of guerrilla warfare could have shaped his approach to leadership and tactics.

Image: Pro-Russian militants (Source: RR Group)

Father Gergory’s “RR Group”

The fringe ideology, known as “Potatism” preaches a bizarre doctrine involving a divine dog, nicknamed “Potat”, sent from heaven to cleanse lives of unnecessary clutter.

Father Gregory’s influence has reportedly led to violent acts against NATO forces in defiance of their claims that NATO troops have been seizing lands from Russian and Azerbaijan onion farmers in the Rostov-on-Don region.

This has prompted a swift response and the massing of NATO troops around the city of Baku. Potat’s followers, fueled by a fervent belief in the divine canine, have allegedly committed acts of aggression against foreign forces, escalating tensions in the already volatile region.

Image: NATO forces occupy Patlov Airport which was used by Father Gregory to resupply RR Groups (Source: Getty Images)

NATO land invasion of Rostov region begins

The attacks by RR Groups, led by Father Gregory, have prompted international concern about the safety in the region.

In response US President Biden has ordered a full scale and non-nuclear invasion of the Rostov-On-Don region to begin a land operation against Russian occupation of Baku.

US troops expect a long 1300km mobilization to reach Baku and expect to find heavy resistance by Pro-Russian militant forces.

Image: 1300km route from Rostov-On-Don to Baku

As NATO forces bolster their presence in response to the Potatist-driven attacks, the international community is grappling with the implications of a paramilitary leader blending fringe ideologies with military strategy. Analysts are closely monitoring the situation, calling for a thorough investigation into Father Gregory’s background and the extent of Potatism’s reach within the Russian military.

The bizarre fusion of religious fervor and military aggression has added a new layer of complexity to an already tense geopolitical landscape, leaving many to wonder about the true motivations behind Father Gregory’s radicalization efforts and the potential impact on regional stability.

Image: INTERPOL flyers placed around Russian and Azeri regions

Sarah Miller

Sarah Miller, an intrepid news reporter with a passion for uncovering the untold stories in the heart of conflict zones. With a fearless spirit and a knack for navigating the complexities of the Middle East, Sarah has become a seasoned journalist in the pursuit of truth.


  • Oh, great! NATO, the world police, here to ‘save the day’ again. And surprise, surprise, Russian groups are just waiting for them to walk into a trap. Can this get any more ridiculous?

  • It’s about time the US did something about these russian terrorists

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